8 Best Health & Organic Shops in London

Is it just me or health shops just boost and elevate your spirit? Or maybe I’m just being extra as usual.

Health shops are never hectic!

What I love about health shops is that special vibe, being surrounded by like-minded people, who are:

  • conscious about their health, 
  • not afraid to spare a few extra coins to get that good good black seed oil or untreated apples, etc… 
  • taking their time to read labels.

Sure, we live in a digital era of online shopping, we get delivered our favorites on our doorstep, but isn’t it just great sometimes to go out of our routine and touch, feel products, converse? 

I don’t always go to the shop with what I need in mind, I might just go to get some inspiration, or to find out about new products. 

Furthermore, it makes me happy to put intention into the things I buy, what I put in my body, and how I feed my soul.

I agree it is not always easy to find brands or shops that we can easily trust and go back to, this is why I have mindfully selected highly recommend shops for you:

health shops London

What are the best 8 London Health & Organic shops in London?


This gem of a branch has currently 3 holistic health shops in London. You will find body and hair care products, herbs, books, oils and blends, vitamins, superfoods powders. They also provide treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy and much more to come. They supply products known (in the holistic world) to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, fibroids, eczema with natural remedies. Go and say hi!

Mitcham 219 London Road Mitcham CR4 2JD. Call: 0208 648 4163 

Lewisham 1 Goldcrest House, 34 Lee High Rd, Lewisham SE13 5FH. Call: 0208 852 9947

Brixton 102 Brixton Hill London SW2 1AH. Call: 0208 671 0800  

Greenland Health foods

Located in the heart of Greenwich market, this cozy 2 level shops is where I get my supply of natural pads (if you are not living in this area you can find it here). If you are a tea lover then check out their wide selection on the lower ground floor. The staff is lovely and always happy to help. You will find vegan and organic foods, healthcare products, vitamin supplements. They are also open every day.

14 Greenwich Market, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9HZ Call: 0208 293 9176

Natural Law

Health shops London

This shop contains beautiful blends of ethical products! Ranging from high-quality kids wear, locally produced food to jewelry! It’s a shop you probably would not see around the rest of London. Have you ever tried Cinnamon, orange, and lemon or wildflower honey? If you haven’t then go and check their special honey range. 

97 Lavender Hill, SW11 5QL. Call: 0791 784 0922


They supply a broad range of oils, beauty products, health foods, supplements, and crafts items for gifts, candles, and lotion making. They also have a BLOG which provides quality advice on our health (skincare, homeopathy, how to’ s guides, cold, and flu, weight loss…).

171-173 Walworth Road, SE17 1RW. Call: 0207 703 5550

Green Guru

This one is the classic ‘fresh organic fruits and vegs’ shop, but don’t we love it? My north London peeps will be more than fulfilled with Green Guru. The owners are remarkably knowledgeable about health and will serve your favorite green juice/smoothie with a warm smile. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you get a slice of their carrot cake! Yum…

They offer a wide range of supplements and superfoods powder and prices are reasonable. 

104 Alexandra park road, N10 2AE. Call: 0203 581 0532

Green onions

Health shops London

Green onions hold a super range of vinyl records. As well as a great Fresh organic fruit and veg space. The staff is always in tune and send great energy. Health lovers will appreciate their space with daily organic sourdough bread, herbal teas (to take away or sit-in), houseplants, organic seeds, or beeswax candles

You will also find handmade jeweler and a lovely blend of incense sticks. If you’re in the southeast (and if you’re not) I highly recommend you to visit Green onions.

6 Clifton Rise, New cross, London SE146JP 

Gaia Whole Foods

This shop has been going for a strong 30 years. A HUGE range of organic products: cold-pressed oils, convenience foods, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, baby foods, juices, coffee, herbs and spices, vitamin supplements, toothpaste and mouth care, feminine sanitary products, skincare, cleaning materials, incense and so much more.

123 St Margaret’s Rd, Twickenham TW12LH. Call: 0208 892 2262

Neter Vital

Health shops London

In the lively Brixton, you will find this self-claimed specialist in alternative medicine, health, spiritual & cultural products & services. This includes an array of organic Health & beauty products. Neter Vital is a lifelong educational institution in which they organize events, retreats, free meditation classes, children activities, and much more….  

25 Brixton station rd, SW9 8PB. Call: 0207 978 8321.

So here it is, you now have a handpicked selection and trusted shops you can visit to get your crystals, organic fruits and vegs, your raspberry leaf tea, or whatever it is you want to purchase. 

Tell me what’s your favorite health shop and why you like it so much (in whatever city/country you might be), share it with the community and we can hopefully all gather our secret gems.

Note : I have trouble finding DHA oil in London health shops, if you know one, let me know 🙂

Thank you for reading

Blessings x

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