9 Quick and Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

Marieme B.June 11, 2020

What are the ways to raise your vibrations?

Let’s be real, it’s so easy to be taken away by our day to day life and forget to keep our frequency high at all times. I’m guilty of this myself. Our routine, our job, our relationship… and without realizing we become sluggish and foggy. This is when I started to really tap into my consciousness that I realized that I could raise my vibrations. And by the way, what do I mean by “Raise my vibrations”? Simple.

Think of it as a way to become the best version of yourself.

There are many profound ways to raise our vibrations but this article gives you a quick fix. The essentials are what we eat, our environment, the art of meditation, exercise, stating boundaries, being in nature, and reciting elevating mantras. To some extent, we are all able to practice these essentials. But we need to be intentional and consistent for this to work.

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1. Foods to raise your vibrations

You are what you eat

Although it might be a struggle for some of us, eating pain free foods can actually help in raising our vibrations. I consider myself a flexitarian, while I adopt an intuitive diet, I try to make sure the quality of the products I consume is organic and eco-sensitive.

However, I remember years ago when I used to eat meat/fish at almost every lunch and dinner. I was feeling tired and heavy after most meals. That is because it takes longer for our bodies to digest and break down this type of food. Meat’s vibration level is extremely low.

Think about it, the animal was most likely stressed while it was killed, or was living in horrible unnatural conditions. This low vibration transfers to us when we eat it. Imagine trying to meditate in these conditions. Not easy. In dairy products too, there is a passed-on trauma experienced by the animal, as well as pesticides and chemicals.

Now, I’m mainly eating plant-based foods with fish/eggs here and there. Not only I feel better in my body but I also noticed the difference in my spiritual practices. The less we eat living beings, the higher our consciousness can thrive. 

Furthermore, it goes without saying but including as many fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet is also a prolific way to feel more lively. 

Water is life

I have yet to try a water fast but when I do I will keep y’all posted. I have many friends who tried and recall having lucid dreams and deeper meditations sessions during this time. And that is also because our body is not busy trying to eliminate the foods, it can focus on a deeper subconscious state.

Lastly, bless the water you drink every morning. You might have heard of an experiment conducted on food where someone would send positive affirmations to a jar of rice, and negative affirmations to another jar.

After 9 weeks, the “hate” jar of rice was moldy and the “love” jar of rice was practically intact. If you have not heard of this, please watch this video.

It shows how positive thinking and intentions can affect us to our core. In the same way, some religions bless their food before a meal. Well, it would be interesting too to set positive intentions before a meal in order to raise our vibrations.

2. Say NO, to raise your vibrations.

Trying to be a people’s pleaser is the ultimate way to lower our vibrations. Why? Because we do not place our needs first, nor our priorities.

Therefore, setting healthy boundaries early in our relationships is key to keep a high frequency. Learn to say no when something compromises your plans.

If spending the day alone resting is what you were planning to do, then do not feel bad when you have to say no at some last-minute event.  

3. Move your body.

Regularly !

Practice activities that connect body and soul such as, yoga, dance, Qi gong, or Tai chi. As much as I dislike going to the gym, I have to admit that the after feeling of an hour of sweating gives me a great sense of relaxation and accomplishment. 

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4. Your environment matters.

If you are living or working in a toxic environment, I sincerely feel for you and hope you manage to get away from this situation as soon as possible.

The place in which we surround ourselves impacts our minds on a deeper level than we think. It is crucial to protect ourselves from outside low vibrations. Ways to reduce and neutralize these vibrations are :

  • Avoid watching TV news, they are negative, based on scarcity, stress, and fear,
  • Try to maintain a positive thinking at all time with no judgment towards yourself and others,
  • Avoid energy vampires and negative people. They will drain your energy if you don’t set healthy boundaries,
  • Listen to music (soft and relaxing music or fun and positive),
  • Try to maintain a clean and airy home. Our spaces are external representations of our emotional state, you can balance your emotions by being in an organized and clean space. As an example, Feng Shui, in the Chinese culture, uses energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. 
  • Visit places with high energetic frequency such as temples, cathedrals,…
  • Surround yourself with high vibrations items like crystals, sacred objects, seashells, plants, and flowers. It’s important to maintain and care for these items as some of them could be charged with low vibrational energies like vintage/second-hand objects,
  • Avoid constant high exposure to electromagnetic waves (phones in pockets all day, etc…)

5. Meditate and Breathe.

Adopting a daily meditation practice is what personally helps me raise my vibrations the most. It puts my mind at ease, relaxes my body of any tension, and reconnects me with my higher self. 

Along with meditation, adding conscious breathing techniques is also helpful. When the air used to fill our lungs is in its full capacity it reverses oxidation and decay. 

6. Trust Mother Nature to raise your vibrations.

I will never underestimate the power of Mother Nature to elevate my mood. It just never disappoint. Walks in the park, hikes, stroll along the river…not only we keep our bodies active and moving but the outside elements are having a positive effect on our psyche.

Nature can benefit our mental health in so many ways: reduce feelings of stress and anger, improves mood, and nurtures mental state. 

As well as gardening and growing food. They are known to be extremely therapeutic and soothing. 

7. Mindset for Elevation and manifestation

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Love and accept yourself deeply. I cannot stress this enough as it took me a while to believe this could help in any way. It took me years to finally being able to claim self-love, and my mindset completely changed (for the better).

Being overly self-critical will lower your vibrations and affect your mental health. So pretty please, let’s all try this year to work on loving ourselves unconditionally.

Smile more. Smile to yourself in the mirror, to strangers, to a cashier, to your neighbor…

Talk to your mentor, the Universe, your angels or spirit guides.

Laugh ! Sing !

Reclaim daily gratitude for all that surrounds you, for yourself, your body, your health, and the air you breathe. 

Take time for yourself to pray, meditate, set intentions, light a candle and just be.

8. Extras points for creativity and self care

Why don’t you learn something new this month? Being creative or participating in manual activities definitely raises my vibrations and cultivate self-love. 

It could be writing, drawing, painting, or, any form of artistic expression, which allows you to release an overflow of emotions.

This was my most recent attempt of being creative, it took me a few hours but I love the way it made me feel while doing it and afterward. The satisfaction of accomplishing something for me was worth it. You should try it too.

diy faux living walldit faux living wall

I also recommend going for a massage from time to time or receiving a reiki healing session.

Mantras to raise your vibrations and keep your frequency high

(Repeat the following mantras before a meditation or in the morning, as many times as you wish)

I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. I am light and trust

My mind is open to new vision.

I expand my awareness through my higher self.

I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this love and honor. My words echo softly with the Universe.

My heart is open to receive the energy of love. I radiate this essence.

I walk my path with ease and grace.

My will and divine will are one. 

Today, I am connected to the abundant flow of the universe and easily manifest my dreams.

I love all dimensions of myself & I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is my life.

Every day, I feel a wave of energy flooding my body.

I am connected with the energy of Mother Earth.

My body, mind and spirit are grounded and purified.

Each cell of my body is in a perfect health.

My health shines in all dimensions of my being.

I feel full of life and energy.

The high vibration flows smoothly in my entire body.

I always find the time to take of care of me and my energy.

Day after day I feel my frequency rise.


More mantras here

Tools to help you keep your frequency high

1. Videos on Youtube to help raise your vibrations 

If you know me then you know I love binaural beats videos on Youtube.

I have added 2 of my favorite videos :

432HZ Miracle tone –  Raise positive vibrations / positive energy boost

Higher Vibration – Raise your frequency – 936HZ

2. Books to help raise your vibrations

Raise your vibration: 111 practices to increase your spiritual connection by Kyle Gray

Vibrate higher daily by Allah Delia

Money and the law of attraction by Esther Hicks

What are the ways you raise your vibrations on a daily basis? I would love to know and learn more about my readers.

Thank you for reading.

Blessings x

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