hey i'm marieme !

I am from..

Senegal originally, born and raised in France, wandered in the US, settled in the UK - London, fell in love with Bali. Basically a world citizen..mmkay

Passionate about..

Holistic health..duh. Nature, spirituality, drinking tea, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, laughter, documentaries, star/moon gazing,

My astral ID..

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Ascendant Scorpio


...Just know that this space is YOUR space, a safe environment where you can learn and share. I am not here to educate people, I am here to plant seeds and help gentle souls.. So feel at home and relax..
drinking juice in Bali
@ Holistically Be

Who is behind Holistically Be?

Hello beautiful beings, my name is Marieme, the founder of Holistically BE. I am a 31 years old earthling. I enjoy all holistic health related topics and have been implementing them in my life over the past 7 years. 


I am an introvert and an empath,


Love the way music makes me feel, and

I love grounding in nature. 


But my absolute passion is to connect with like-minded souls, and to find ways to reach a higher consciousness. 


Little back story,


I was raised within a religious household, but even at a young age I was questioning everything. I believed in a higher power, and I thought there were many forms this power could manifest into. 

Still believe this.

The difference now is that I value my inner power more than anything else.


8 years ago I have moved to a new country, with new habits, a new routine, and I felt lost. Completely disconnected from my roots and my comfort zone. I was always ill.

As a result, I started to look into natural and holistic ways to ease physical pain. 

Meditation was one of them. 


My emotions were hitting me differently, my meditations became more intense and my body was reacting to it. There it is: All that my mind was trying to block and hold, my body will release through pain and illness.


I’ve always been very analytical and was introspecting quite a lot (Team Virgo) but when I began to vibrate on a higher frequency everything around me made sense. 


This has resulted in finally learning about ME (about time eh), who I was and what was my purpose in life. And what a beautiful struggle it has been. Still learning, and will never stop…

This has pushed me to dig deep. 

I believe this is when my soul started to awaken. I was asking myself thousands of questions, and looking for the meaning of everything. 


What is the goal of Holistically Be?


The truth is there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the spirit world and inner consciousness. Nor there are levels or a destination to reach. You and I are continually growing and approaching life obstacles the best that we can.


Saying that, my main goal is to help people connect with themselves


I want to help you. The same way I have help myself overcoming fear, doubt, and overthinking. 


Don’t get me wrong, I still grow through episodes of uncertainty, but what mindfulness teaches you is the art of dealing with your emotions. Not hiding or masking them, not avoiding them but facing and understanding them with ease. 


What I want is to plant seeds on your path.

See what works best for you. I can only share my life experience and hope it will resonate with you on your journey. 


So, yes:  RESEARCH, RESEARCH and RESEARCH some more.


I was not blessed enough to be surrounded with ‘spiritual’ people at the start of my awakening, so educating myself through blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, documentaries and books was all that I had. 

This is why I want to share what I have learned over the years, the same way others (like him, or him) have helped me along my journey.


What you will find on Holistically Be?


What people like to call New Age topics (not too sure why, since it’s all very ancient).

Spiritual growth, Personal growth, Astrology, Self-care, and Mindfulness articles.

Mind, Body and Soul.


Last words,

AGAIN: My goal with Holistically Be is to help you connect with your true self.


I might touch on controversial topics or subjects you disagree with. But this space is purely to share kind and healing words. I don’t want my readers to take everything I say as THE answer to a specific problem and go full on. Nuh-uh…

Try things out, but first and foremost TRUST YOURSELF AND YOUR SPIRIT.

Learn how to listen to your Psyche.

At the end of the day, you have the answer, you just need to unlock it.


I’m still learning and will make sure I share all my experiences too because we keep it real here mmkay!

Do you want to support the blog?

You can reach out on Instagram, on Twitter or via Email. 

Or Share my content.

Or Donate. This is solely to cover the costs related to my blog and allowing me to continue helping people.


Many Blessings x


Quotes for thoughts..

-Self care is a deliberate choice to gift ourself with people, place, things, events and opportunities that recharge our personal battery and promote whole health body, mind and spirit- Laurie Buchanan

-I have found that most people are willing to accept physical pain and limitation rather than acknowledge and deal with the mental and/or emotional pain that might have caused it - Tobe Hanson


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