These Are The 15 Affirmations I Use Daily To Raise My Vibrations And Fight Anxiety [and it works]

Marieme B.June 11, 2020

15 Affirmations to raise your vibrations

In this post, I give you the affirmations I have created to raise my vibrations and fight anxiety or depression states. 

From my experience, I can tell you that reciting mantras daily has helped tremendously with anxiety. I no longer have my heart racing at random moments of the day.

I feel more at ease in my day to day life.

These affirmations helps fight negative thoughts.

Without realising, we carry with us -to different degrees- limiting beliefs

These limiting beliefs are the root cause of low self-esteem or anxious states. We create a blockage which is fairly unconscious and unwanted. But it’s there. 

Which means that our subconscious produces negative thoughts about ourselves.

Such as :

“I’m not … enough”

“I don’t deserve…”

“I’m not worthy of..”

“It’s hard to…”

“I am not as lucky as…”

“I am not ready for …”

These thoughts are more harmful than we think. We could compare this to receiving insults from someone else. It hurts. It scars and we usually remember them for quite a long time. 

Words and thoughts are powerful. They affect our mental state and our moods. 

Practice and use these affirmations daily to raise your vibrations. Think of it like a muscle you are trying to grow. Consistency is key.

Positive affirmations for high frequency

affirmations raise vibrations

Fortunately, positive affirmations are here to shift the negativeness and help us recenter our thoughts. 

I’m sure you heard that saying: change your thoughts, change your life. Or maybe I have just made it up. Anyways, my point is: implementing more positive affirmations will affect us in the long run and for the better. Fake it until you make it eh…

Therefore, I strongly recommend, on top of changing your thoughts to also smile more (when you look at yourself in the mirror). 

And don’t worry about looking weird or crazy (normal is boring anyway). Your brain will actually start to think you are genuinely happier. 

I know you what you’re here for. So let’s dive right in…

15 Affirmations to raise your vibrations and release anxiety

affirmations raise vibrations pin

Firstly, to perfectly integrate these into your subconscious, you will need to repeat them when you are more receptive. Mornings, as you rise, and evenings, just before going to sleep.

Put a lot intention and take time to visualise them.

Always affirm in the present time and act like it was already there.

Repeat each 3 times.

  • I have abundant energy and I feel ready to accomplish miracles
  • Day after day, I feel better and better.
  • I feel fully happy and I have an overflow of energy.
  • My body and spirit are in perfect shape.
  • I am calm and relaxed. I am in perfect internal harmony.
  • My liveliness is stronger each day.
  • Today, I am in an extraordinary mental shape.
  • Peace is flooding my spirit and I feel more at peace.
  • My nights are calm and my sleep restful.
  • I am healing daily.
  • My health is getting better every day.
  • I am connected to a Divine source and I feed myself of this sacred energy.
  • My being is vibrating at a higher frequency.
  • I am centered and my energies flow easily in my whole body.
  • A beautiful healing light is circulating in my whole being.

To sum up,

You are the driver of your own thoughts and you can succeed to lower your anxiety just like I did. It might seem a bit trivial at first but trust me, these are powerful. You are powerful! 

And if you put intention in reciting positive affirmations DAILY, you will notice a great difference overtime.

I hope this has helped but for more ways to raise your vibrations, head over HERE.

Now I’d like to hear form you. Which strategy are you using to raise your vibrations and calm your anxiety ? 

Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. 

Blessings x

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