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How I manifested my first ever business class flight, and how you can too.

 How to manifest a first class flight ticket ?

Flying first or business class is a dream for many, offering comfort, luxury, and a seamless travel experience. While it may seem like an unattainable goal for some, the power of manifestation and visualisation can play a significant role in turning dreams into reality. In this post, we’ll explore the art of manifesting and provide practical steps to help you elevate your journey to first-class travel or anything else you would like to manifest for that matter.

Understanding Manifestation

Let’s be clear (and real), manifestation is not this magical woo-woo thing that you hear about which allows you to make all your dreams happen in the snap of a finger.


This is actually science-based and support the idea that believing to your core that something is true. AND taking actions toward your goal to attract the things you desire. As you elevate your frequency, things will start to align in your favour.

And that my friend is beautiful when it happens right in front of your eyes. So yes, you got the point, it’s all about bringing your desires into reality through focused thought, belief, and intention. 

The idea is that by visualising and affirming what you want, you can attract it into your life. While manifesting a first-class flight might sound unconventional and somewhat shallow, I have applied manifestation techniques to upgrade my travel experience and I’m gonna tell you how.

Clarify Your Intention

Clearly define your goal of experiencing a first-class flight. You want to be as specific about the details as you can be. Details such as the airline, the destination, and any additional amenities you desire. The more vividly you can imagine your ideal first-class experience, the more effective your manifestation efforts will be.

I, for instance, knew where I was travelling and bought an economy flight to St Lucia (from London), so my intent was to manifest an upgrade. 

Journal your vision

Let your mind wander

Be grateful for what you already have

Now that you can stare at your thoughts written in front of you on paper, your mind is hopefully empty and your soul lighter

Your next step and what I would really suggest you to do is to include a gratitude practice into your day. Whether you just want to repeat affirmations, listen to gratitude meditation or write down what you’re grateful for, it is important you include and FEEL this.

shadow work digital journal

Write down what you want

Now that you have empty your mind of your worries, and feel true gratitude for what you have, you can start writing down your wishes. Keep in mind that every day is not a perfect day so I don’t want you to be discouraged if you have missed your journalling practice for a few days. All it is, is trying your best at being disciplined and understand the reasons you are doing what you are doing.

Some days, I write in the evening, some days I don’t journal at all. It is what it is ok! 😊

The trick its to write down things as if they have already happened. 

i.e – I travel first class everywhere I go.

I am so grateful to experience a smooth and luxurious travel experience everywhere I go.

I am worthy of experiencing first-class luxury in my travels

You get the point. 

Now you probably want to ask me : What if I don’t believe it ?

It’s fine, none of us do at the start. This is where the power of repetition comes in. The more you say it, write it, see it, think it, the more you start to create these pathways in your brain that will believe it for you.

Visualise your thoughts 

Ok, so we’re clear on the thought but now how do we visualise it.

That my friend is THE most important part and I believe the best part of manifesting. 

At the end of your journaling practice, I want you to close your eyes and visualise yourself enjoying the luxuries of a first-class flight. The whole experience from checking in to walking towards the plane, to talking to the cabin crew, to seating down. 

Close your eyes and imagine the spacious seats, gourmet meals, and personalised service. Engage all your senses in this mental imagery to create a more powerful manifestation. Can you feel the seat underneath you, can you try to imagine what it will smell like. Try – literally – to awaken all your senses in this experience.


I know, visualisation is a bit of a tricky one if you aren’t a visual person but practice makes everything efficient eventually. 

Though, if you really struggle you can create a vision board. Compile images, quotes, and symbols that represent your first-class travel aspirations on a vision board. Place it in a visible location where you can see it daily. The visual reminders will reinforce your commitment to manifesting your goal. You can add positive affirmations too. 

The art of letting go and forgetting about it

This is pretty self explanatory so you get the point. You’ve put it in the universe to manifest, now don’t dwell on it. You trust what has happened is already here for you, with you. No need to think about.

How will you know you’re ready to let go ? You’ll know.

I have written down my wish to travel 1st class for about a month, until it wasn’t even in my mind to think about. By the time I reached the airport I genuinely wasn’t even thinking about it. 

Taking actions

And this is where we enter the realm of “I told you it wasn’t black magic’’. Things don’t happen magically unless you are an extremely lucky person, and if you are good for you. But for the rest of us, unfavored people we require to put in some work. 

Now that you truly believe to your core that you will manifest what you want, you need to put in place actions to reach your goal. Real actions mmkay…

For this specific case, the action was to ask the check in crew if there was a window seat available. I had checked the seating occupancy prior to leaving my house so I knew nothing was available in economy but I asked anyway. You know, people cancel flights or don’t show up all the time. 

This lovely man said ‘no sorry there’s nothing available, plane is full’. So I smiled and said ’no worries it’s all good’. And left.

This is where the seed was planted. What most likely happened, is that when I left he must have checked if there was anything else he could do and saw there was an upgrade available and thought (SINCE I ASKED = ACTION) to offer it to me. 

I only found out about my change of seat right before boarding at the last check-in desk and the staff told me my seat was changed last minute. 

You can imagine my surprise when, from that point forward, everything I had visualise for a month happened. From the side of the plane I had envisioned, to the way the cabin crew that led the way looked. WILD. 

I cried of joy once I sat down and realise what I just did..

And you can too with anything else you wish.

Sometimes, the universe delivers in ways we don’t anticipate. Be flexible and recognise the signs and opportunities that could lead to your dream first-class flight or anything else. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and I would love to know what will you manifest for 2024.

Let me know in the comments.

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