meditation videos for spiritual awakening

11 Meditation Videos for Spiritual Awakening. #6 for Women Only

11 Meditation Videos for Spiritual Awakening

In this article, I give you my favorite meditation videos for spiritual awakening. Truthfully, meditation has been a huge part of my spiritual journey. Not only it is a relaxing practice but it is also a great way to connect with our higher self.

However, I’m sure some of you can relate to how difficult it is to stay consistent when it comes to meditating. Well, what I have learned over the years is kindness with self. Meditation is not a race, nor it is to be practiced in a rigid way.

There are different types of meditation and different ways to meditate. Overall, what one rule I like to think about is:


Let your mind run wild if it wants to, feel your body, be one with it and be present. This is meditation.

I am, personally, a fan of binaural beats, but a lot of people have found it easier to be guided by words of affirmation or storytelling. A little bit like hypnosis I guess.

YouTube is obviously the best source of information for just about anything. So, naturally, when I started to explore my spiritual side, I dived into Youtube’s jewelry box.

These videos are my favorite and I can’t wait for you to explore them. Hope you will enjoy.

1 – Past Life Regression Meditation

When it comes to meditation videos for spiritual awakening, this one had to be number one.

Lately, I’ve been trying to tap into everything related to past lives and soul contracts. Trying to align with the spirit world and trying to explore the realms of my subconscious.

I think it’s safe to say, I am a little obsessed with it now. In my work around the Shadow self, I have also realized how important it is to tackle the topic of past lives.

A lot of aspects of our being have formed before our birth and are completely out of our control. We might think certain events happen because of the way we have been raised or other circumstances. In reality, we are carrying stories and lessons that have been passed on to our soul by spirit guides.

When listening to this video, do not get frustrated if you don’t feel or see anything. Just be gentle with yourself and keep at it.

My suggestions for this video

Firstly, I would suggest to practice before bed when there is nothing left for you to think about. Try it with a clear mind and no expectations.

Grab a notebook and leave it next to you. When you have completed your meditation, write down anything you have felt or anything you can remember. Scents, body temperature change, visions, images, EVERYTHING.

When you look back on your meditation journal a few days or weeks later, you might notice events and moments that relate to real-life situations. It will make sense when that happens and it’s amazing. Be on the lookout for signs.

2 – Kundalini Awakening Meditation

Another great meditation video for spiritual awakening would be this one. I remember the first time I’ve heard about Kundalini. I was taking a meditation class in a temple and at some point our instructor said :

“Feel the energy from your Kundalini”.

Imagine my confusion. This was 6 years ago and I had no idea what a Kundalini was and how to feel its energy. Ah!

Well, in simple words, Kundalini is the energy located at the base of our spine that awakens the awareness state. The goal is to feel the energy of our Kundalini passing through all 7 chakras to finally reach the highest point of our consciousness: The crown chakra and what connects us to the Divine source of the Universe.

One the best meditation video for spiritual awakening and ascension there is out there.

My suggestions for this video

For Kundalini activation, I would suggest to sit on the floor and feel the ground under you (root chakra). Focus on your body being one with earth.

Bring your attention to the base of your spine and picture a bright light reaching all the way up to the top of your head (crown chakra). And let go.

Take long and deep inhales and breathe out.

3 – Rising Vibrations Meditation

Changing our mindset is not always an easy task. That’s why we sometimes need to raise our vibrations to keep our frequencies high, constantly. There are many ways to achieve this state and I talk about it here.

There are plenty of amazing meditation videos on YouTube to help you raise your vibrations. But for the purpose of this article, I chose the Butterfly effect.

My suggestions for this video

Use headphones.

As this is a 3 hours long video, it allows you to get lost in the beauty of the music and nature sounds.

The sounds of Mother Earth will instantly allows you to reach a level of serenity and stillness.

4 – Sleep Manifestation Meditation

If you’re like me then your sleep quality is as precious as food. Therefore, what some of us have started to do is utilize the benefits of sleep to manifest our wishes.

My suggestions for this video

Use headphones and a timer. The timer will allow you to wake up if you had fallen asleep.

To be completely intentional, it is great to start the meditation with a prayer to the Universe for allowing you to use its powers.

5 – Binaural Beats Meditation

I have spoken about Binaural beats multiple times on this blog and I cannot thank music makers enough for this gift. I believe binaural beats have helped me heal physical pain, fall asleep quickly, dream better, make me more creative, and raise my vibrations.

This video is 432 Hz, and 8 hours long : Perfect for a sound sleep.

My suggestions for this video

As we are already exposed to waves all day, I would not recommend falling asleep next to your phone but if there is a way for you to record these sounds it would be great. That way you could put your phone into Airplane mode.

6 – Womb Meditation

*For ladies only*

In my journey of spiritual awakening I have learned about one important thing : My womb has a voice, is sacred and needs to be cherished.

Queen Afua, in her famous book Sacred Woman, speaks about how womb meditations are a part of healing (on top of a plant-based diet and having a sacred altar).

My suggestions for this video

As recommended in the book, it is best practice to lay on your back with the sole of your feet touching each other. Your legs should then form a diamond shape. Place your hands on your lower stomach.

Talk to your womb with kind words. AND BE.

7 – Chakra Meditation

I have chosen the Heart Chakra with this video but you can find meditation videos with all 7 Chakras. These videos are particularly efficient if you feel one or more of your energy point is unbalanced or blocked.

My suggestions for this video

Visualize the color green and focus your energy on your heart area. Think of ways you can receive the energy of love and acceptance.

8 – Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is amazing for a mind-body connection. Not only that, but focusing on the release of tension on each body part will improve stress and anxiety states.

Your mind will be too busy worrying about releasing tension in your neck to think about what happened at work 4 hours earlier.

I always feel at peace after I listen to a body scan meditation.

My suggestions for this video

This is the simplest of all. Just listen to Jon’s instructions and breathe.

9 – Chanting Mantras Meditation

A chanting mantras is known to calm the mind and soul. It is an ancient Indian practice that decreases anxiety and depressive symptoms in the human body. 

My suggestions for this video

Use headphones and sing the ‘OM’ sound to feel the vibration in your chest.

10 – Singing Bowls Meditation

The sounds of Tibetan / Himalayan singing bowls have been known to ease into a state of deep relaxation and muscle regeneration. So if you experience joint pain, this could potentially help you. Give this a go.

You can also have your own singing bowl for personal use.

You can find one HERE on ETSY. It is compact, small, fits in your hand and easy to use.

My suggestions for this video

Use headphones.

11 – Lucid Dreams Meditation

Another element of Shadow work that I have been implementing in my daily routine is writing down my dreams.

Dreams are full of shadows.

More importantly, our spirit guides, and angels use our dreams to pass on messages. This is why it is crucial to remember parts of them.

Lucid dreaming guided meditation is my favorite and you should try this too tonight.

My suggestions for this video

Place a notebook on your bedside table to journal what you remember as soon as you wake up.

There you go, 11 meditation videos for spiritual awakening. I truly hope this has helped you as much as it did for me.

What are the sounds/ music/ guided meditation you use in your spiritual practice to calm your mind and soul ?

I would love to know πŸ™‚

Blessings x

meditation videos for spiritual awakening

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