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These Are The Best Moon Ritual Kits To Get In 2021 {Etsy}

Marieme B.October 21, 2020

Best Moon Ritual Kits To Get In 2021

In this post, I’m going to share with you the best moon ritual kits to enhance your special evening routine.

While the New Moon is all about setting intentions and starting fresh, the Full Moon is about clearing energies and letting go. 

I personally find myself more in tune while doing my rituals when I use items to intensify the benefits of the Moon. 

You know it.. crystals, sage, candles, incense, singing bowls.. or any of your favorite holistic items.

My favorites are :


Burning sage is great to cleanse and purify the air of dark energies. The smell is powerful and will leave a sacred feel in your home.

Palo Santo 

The sticks of Palo Santo are my new ultimate favorite. I burn some before bed and let the smoke evaporates above my bed. I find this smell extremely relaxing and also helps me with deeper meditation sessions.

Although we have to preserve the Palo Santo tree as it is at risk of over-harvesting, it’s best to try to find sustainable sources or settle with white sage instead. 

Rose Quartz

Represents self-love, it is a great crystal to have while setting intentions and manifesting wishes during the New Moon. It will also bring a loving energy into your home.

Black Tourmaline

This dark and powerful crystal cleanses dense energies into light. It is known to be a powerful source of protection around the body. It promotes self-confidence and reduces fear. Perfect for a full moon ritual when clearing unnecessary burdens you are carrying. 

However, I get that it can be a bit confusing in terms of what to specifically get and they can also be pricey.

So I have gathered a selection of Etsy best moon ritual kits.

Full Moon Ritual kit

best moon ritual kits

This full moon ritual kit includes :

  • 4 gemstones (moonstone, rose quartz, citrine, clear quartz) to amplify the strength of the Moon
  • A journal to set your intentions and affirmations
  • 1 sage bundle to clear dense energy
  • 1 selenite stick to charge other gems
  • A candle

Salem Moon Box Of Peace

best moon ritual kits

This Box of peace is a combination of New Beginnings peace of mind focus and so many other spiritual qualities. 
This kit includes : 

  • White Sage smudge Stick: it clears negative energy, removes bacteria in the air. You can also burn the smoke around you to cleanse all the bad vibes in your personal space.
  • Rose Of Jericho: This little plant can bring luck, wealth, prosperity, and power to any home or business.

*Pouch with 3 different unique stones and a note with the meaning of them inside.

*A 5 oz. Homemade Herb Peace Candle! each box has different candles with different prosperities.

  • Abalone Shell: You can use it as a smudge bowl when burning your herbs and a sense of calming energy will come over you. The water vessel connected with the fire will create an amazing calming state of mind.
  • Smudge Fan: These handmade smudge fans help direct the smoke from the herbs sending prayers to the heavens. With some added stones to create more magic.
  • Selenite Palo Santo Smudge Wand: Palo Santo which is also known as (Holy Wood) is found on the Palo Santo tree located in South America and like sage it also clears out negative energy.

Libra New Moon Ritual Kit

best moon ritual kits

Weaving the gemstone frequencies of Rose Quartz + Selenite with Venus-ruled herbs, this ritual kit will bask you in the unique beauty that is Y.O.U. Compassion, harmonic integration + cosmic alignment birth you into Venus’ flow of Divine Love. Her anchoring into the wisdom of this moon’s rose gold hue will ignite the GODDESS within you-mind, body, and soul. 


1 Ritual Kit: Includes, Libra New Moon Ritual Candle, Ritual Guide + Libra Altar Card. 

2 Ritual Kit: Includes all items in Ritual Kit 1 plus Serenity Soak, Luscious Earth Body Oil + Rose Quartz Stone. 

3 Ritual Kit: Includes all items in Ritual kit 2 plus Rose Quartz Scrub + Beloved Selenite Smudge Bundle. 

Full Moon Manifestation Kit

best moon ritual kits

This is a beautiful full moon ritual/spell set that is put together by this Etsy seller! This kit contains several items to help you with anything you could think of for a full moon and it has also been charged to help with these spells and rituals. Manifestation, fertility, moon magick, and overall feminine energy. 

There is a small glass bottle that can be used to put your intent and ingredients in. There is a beautiful smelling herbal blend that includes lavender, jasmine, and many other herbs corresponding to the moon as well as a charcoal disk to burn them on.

The kit comes with three hand selected crystals from ethical sources. These are Labradorite, moonstone, and clear quartz. 

Lastly, the kit comes with a beautiful hand-poured soy wax tea light. The candle is jasmine and nag champa scented and is adorned with moonstone, Labradorite, and clear quartz.

The Moon Divine Feminine Ritual Bath Kit

Ritual Baths can be used in the shower using a bowl method or mixed with coconut oil for a magickal scrub!

This kit includes:
6.5oz Goddess Ritual Bath- Epsom Salts blended with organic lavender, roses, peppermint, & jasmine (plants and essential oils).
Set of 4 Goddess Votives adorned with Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz. Scented with Jasmine, Peppermint, Rose, and Lavender essential oils.

Witchy Lavender Moon Ritual Box

This box includes:
2- Lavender calming tea light candles
1-Fresh Lavender Bath Salts glass test tube. 
1-Purple ritual chime candle
1-Selenite Wand, with Palo Santo Wood and fresh Lavender stem bundle. 
1-Fresh Sage now in a black window bag. 
1-Fresh Lavender sachet. 
1-Amethysts stone or chips 
1-Ritual bath soak

Let me know in the comments below what are your special Moon Rituals and what gems and items you use on this special occasion ?

Thank you for reading!

Blessings x

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