8 Unusual Morning Routine Ideas for Productivity

8 Unusual morning routine ideas for productivity

In this article, I give you amazing and efficient morning routine ideas for productivity.

If you are looking to create a morning routine to kick start your day, EVERY DAY. But don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

These are extremely easy to accomplish. All you need is :

  • perseverance,
  • consistency,
  • and being intentional.

1 – Wake up at your own rhythm + drink the equivalent of 2 tall glasses of water with key lime

Hey ! Wake up: 

Yes, wake up at your own rhythm.

best morning routine for success

Ok, you must think I’m not making any sense but hear me out. I remember watching this video of a millionaire’s morning habits and the thing that struck me was how early he was waking up every day.

4 am. Hmm no.

If I was to wake up at 4 am my whole day would be a torture. In addition, my sleep is rather broken and light so I would end up looking like a zombie. What I found out is that I needed to follow my natural body clock or optimal wake-up time :

  • 5:30 am: I feel like my body is rested but not fully. If I wake up at this time I might feel tired in the early afternoon
  • 6:00 – 6:30 am: I am fully rested
  • 7:00: I am now fully awake and MUST get out of bed
  • Anytime after 8 am: If I decided to get more sleep and overslept past the 8 am mark I would feel sluggish all day.

The time you wake up is totally up to you and should be based on the quality of your sleep and the time you actually have to get out of the house. Duh! 

It took me quite a while to figure out what was my optimal wake up time but I did eventually.

For the purpose of my job, I sometimes have to leave to the house later and I used to adapt my wake up time accordingly.

However, I have noticed that I was waking up more tired with an extra hour of sleep and that is because my optimal wake up is 6 am so my body will naturally start to awake around that time (sometimes a bit earlier).

Therefore, oversleeping would send me back into a semi-deep sleep, and hearing my alarm clock at 7 am was a nightmare. 

So choose what works for you and study on your off days what time is your body naturally starting to awake.

Note : make sure your alarm sound is as peaceful as possible.

You’re thiiirsty:

water key lime

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.

If you are lucky and was able to get 8 hours of sleep, then your body has been dying for some water for 8 long hours.

On that note, the recommended amount is 2 tall glasses of room temperature (or warm if you can) water.

Water will instantly wake up your brain and send some oxygen throughout your whole body. Adding key lime will help your body to remove and dissolve the internal mucus build up.

2 – Thank the Universe/God for allowing you to see another day in health and abundance

Before you get to interact with anyone, take some time for yourself.

I appreciate this moment of solitude and stillness. Your morning should not have to start in a chaotic painful mess.

morning routine ideas productivity

I used to dread waking up. I was never a morning person. And I used to tell myself that every day.  How can you positively change your mindset if you’re stuck at your limiting belief?

When I started to incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices to my life I realized that mornings were the most tranquil and peaceful time of the day.

I would wake up and thank the Universe for granting me another day. I would start to smile at the sunrise and say “Thank you”. Finally, I would then count all my blessings.

This practice would make me feel so much more serene and ready to kick start my day.

I mean think about, no matter how tragic your life could be right now, at least you got to wake up, some people were not given that chance. So spread some positive vibrations with a grateful mindset.

3 – Now go into Child pose

morning routine ideas productivity

I’m a firm believer of ‘if you stay-in-bed-longer-then-be-productive-with-it’.

I don’t switch on my phone just yet but I will do the child’s pose for a few breaths in and out.

The child’s pose (with arms along the body) is great to stretch and open our thighs and hips muscle. This is especially beneficial for people who sit all day.

The hip flexor is often really tight and causes knee injuries and back pain if the body is not active enough. This is why yoga is so amazing. But I get that we don’t all have the time to follow a full yoga routine every morning. If I could choose one pose only it would be this one.

It also elongates the lower back and is great for digestion.

Last but not least, the child’s pose calms the mind and relieves stress/fatigue. So try it for 5 minutes every morning and thank me later.

4 – Add spinach to your breakfast

Why? Spinach is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamins A, B9, B2, B1, C, E, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Wow!

morning routine ideas productivity

Firstly, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, we all know that.

Admittedly, some of us are not keen on a full munch at an early time but we should at least strive for the best choice if we do eat.

What team are you? Team porridge, team smoothie, team eggs sandwich, team coffee and toast or team nothing until lunch. Well, my version of a healthy breakfast and what works amazing for my body is to ALWAYS start with fruits (mostly citrus and berries). Then SPINACH. 

For those who have trouble eating in the early morning, I would recommend trying a smoothie first. It’s quick and easy. Prep your food the day before and blend it in the morning.

The best thing is you can add greens (celery, kale, spinach) and have your daily intake JUST LIKE THAT.

You will barely taste it but you will gain the benefits from it. 

Lastly, if you’re team porridge or toasts, I would recommend to add spinach powder to your meal.

If you can eat raw spinach though : even better!

5 – Getting ready (while listening to an inspirational/motivational podcast)

Light make-up, some aloe vera in my tiny curls (works wonderfully for all weather types), and an inspiring talk in my ears.

Before you step out of the house and commute in the hustle and bustle, this is a proactive way to stay in a positive and strong mindset.

Listen to awesome individuals and feel inspired. I personally like Lewis Lowes’ youtube channel, and Lisa Nichols talks. Otherwise, I will use my Insight app.

6 – Meditate 5 – 10 minutes using binaural beats

Above all, binaural beats are known to help increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and induce creativity. To mention a few.

A few years back I started to listen to binaural beats to help me sleep when I struggled with insomnia. It worked wonderfully, I was won over. 

To begin, find a comfortable sitting position, on your bed, a chair or a meditation cushion on the floor.

After that, focus on your breath and let yourself be. 

7 – Make your bed, open your windows and Sage the space

white sage

Firstly, if you follow me on this blog, you know that I love Sage.

I actually have an article about using sage to detox/purify my home naturally.

Furthermore, White Sage is particularly great to remove dark and negative energies from the house.

For this reason, using it to clear the air (literally) in the morning can be beneficial to feel at peace.

So, it is a great way to start the day with a kick.

For instance, imagine coming back from a long day at work in a messy and untidy house/room. This is such a vibe killer.

Therefore, I always (except when I’m running late for my train) try to keep that rule.

Don’t forget to open your windows too. 

8 – Add useful notes in your phone 

Obviously, this can be modified as you wish but what I like to do (when I have time) is to write in my notes anything useful for the day :

  • A small shopping list,
  • One positive affirmation,
  • A reminder,
  • Few quotes,
  • Or even a couple of grateful words.

Ok, it can be anything. As our phones are now completely integrated into our lives, it makes it convenient to access it throughout the day.

In conclusion, I hope this has helped you or given you ideas. What are the things you do to make your morning a positive and blissful experience? I would love to know.

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Blessings x

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