100 Inspiring New Moon Intentions to Manifest Love, Success & more

Marieme B.August 10, 2020

Read These Inspiring 100 New Moon Intentions To Manifest Every Aspect Of Your Life

Every month, during the New Moon, an astral sign is brought to light. Focusing on its specific field can multiply the effect of our intentions. 

For instance, in April, the New Moon is in Taurus.

Taurus is highly affected by the fields of money, material goods, possession, and abundance. Therefore, focusing on intentions and affirmations about Money during the Taurus New Moon can be extremely prolific.

You can find each sign’s field in my post about New Moon Ritual.

Before using these intentions, and to help you create your own, there are a few rules.

  • Talk positively, 
  • Be affirmative, 
  • Focus on the feeling you would be in if that specific intention was happening, 
  • Think about your New Moon intentions carefully. They could happen quicker than you expect.

On that note, I have created a New Moon journal that you can download for free and keep track of your intentions and look back on them later. 

new moon journal

New Moon intentions for career and success 

  • I am grateful for the amazing business idea I created
  • I am devoted to making meaningful moves in my business
  • I am devoted to keeping my integrity intact while growing my business
  • I get empowered by my environment and it inspires me
  • I am grateful to have great and supportive work colleagues
  • I am grateful for this new promotion and opportunity to step ladders in my company
  • I am focused and driven to reach my goals
  • I have a great relationship with my co-workers and they see me as an example of success
  • I walk into my purpose every day
  • I thank the Universe for giving me the motivation and work ethic to show up to work every day
  • I am able to share my vision with my team and they are supportive 
  • I am confident in my role and tasks
  • Every day I get closer to reach my work target.

New Moon intentions for love 

  • I embody Love, I am Love, and spread Love everywhere I go
  • I am in a healthy, loving relationship with my soulmate
  • My love partner and I are in total harmony
  • I forgive myself from the hurt I have caused in my previous relationship
  • I forgive my ex-partner (s) from the hurt they have caused and is able to move on
  • I deserve love and happiness 
  • At this very moment, I can feel love embracing my entire being and it feels amazing
  • I use my past as a way to know what I want in my relationship and what I don’t want 
  • I acknowledge red flags when I see them and allow my self-love to remove toxic people from my life
  • I am grateful for all the beautiful souls that showed my love 
  • I am emotionally and spiritually ready to receive love into my life
  • My partner loves me unconditionally, understands me, and accept me for who I am
  • I am able to grow spiritually with my partner and build a stronger bond with him/her.

New Moon intentions for money 

  • I am financially free 
  • I am grateful for passive income
  • I am debt-free 
  • I have released all fears related to debts and financial instability
  • I have learned from my mistakes and can now take sensible decisions about my finances
  • All my limiting beliefs towards money are only in my head, I am ready to let go of them
  • I attract wealth 
  • Money comes to me easily and I become more and more comfortable with the thoughts of wealth and abundance
  • My plans and goals are in alignment with the amount of money that comes my way
  • I do not worry about money
  • I see abundance and financial opportunities everywhere I go
  • Every year my annual income is growing and growing some more
  • I thank the Universe every day for fulfilling my needs and allowing me to thrive financially
  • I am confident I will be financially abundant my whole and will be able to help my friends and family.

New Moon intentions for health 

  • I am grateful for the body my soul has decided to live in
  • I have a healthy diet and I am consistently making good choices when it comes to food
  • My body is strong and robust 
  • I am grateful for my healthy mind
  • As I grow older, I become healthier, stronger and wiser
  • I am full of life and I wake up every day with an enormous amount of energy
  • I have optimum and complete health
  • Every glass of alkaline water fills my body and soul with longevity and health
  • When I look in the mirror I see a healthy and strong human being
  • Every time I get ill, my body heals fast 
  • I am grateful for my lungs, my heart, and my brain
  • I am grateful for my family’s health 
  • I am grateful to be alive and healthy

New Moon intentions for family  

  • I am grateful for the bond I have with my family 
  • I am grateful for the all the good values and lessons I was taught growing up
  • Each member of my family is loving, unique and supportive
  • All my choices are accepted by my family in a loving way
  • I live in a harmonious home filled with joy and peace
  • There is a great abundance of love in my family
  • I thank the Universe to keep all my family healthy 
  • I have a supporting and loving family unit
  • I am grateful for all the memories we have created
  • All the members of my family are healthy and happy
  • My soul has chosen the perfect family for me
  • The relationship I have with my family is unbreakable
  • We are able to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings in a healthy way.

New Moon intentions for creativity 

  • I am a conscious being who looks after its mind
  • I am blessed with an infinite amount of ideas
  • A blank page doesn’t scare me, I can create anything from scratch
  • I am confident in my creative abilities
  • I have the gift of crossing path with inspirational people who are continuously feeding my creativity 
  • I let go of fear and blocks, my mind is free and has no boundaries  
  • I let go of judgment and overthinking, my ideas are inventive and are solving a problem
  • People are asking me for ideas to help them create and start projects
  • Every day I wake up with a mind full of brilliant ideas
  • I am grateful for my spiritual guides and angels guiding me towards creative paths 
  • I am an artist at heart and I have found my craft
  • I grateful for the great amount of resources there is out in the world to help me feed my creativity
  • I thank the Universe for flourishing my mind with helpful ideas

New Moon intentions to help me raise my consciousness and vibrations 

  • I am highly conscious being and my soul read high levels of frequency
  • I am grateful for my conscious mind 
  • I am grateful for my spiritual ascension
  • I am surrounded by high-frequency people and do not get affected by toxic people
  • I feel amazing in nature surrounded by Mother Earth’s love
  • I am consistent and dedicated in my meditation practice 
  • I make the promise to myself to always listen to what my soul wants
  • I vibrate higher and higher every day
  • I am able to raise my frequencies and my consciousness in difficult and draining situations
  • I allow myself some space and alone time to recharge my spiritual batteries 
  • Every day I wake up with the Universe on my side.

Wrapping up 

You can use these intentions during the New Moon but also in your day to day life if there are aspects of your life you would like to focus on.

Including intentions in my spiritual practice have tremendously helped me to connect with our powerful Universe, but mostly got me closer to my soul. 

And I can only hope this post has helped you. 

Blessings x 

new moon intentions

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