Soul Contracts for beginners – And how to break them?

Soul contract for beginners: What you need to know

A few years ago, I wish I had someone to guide me and explain the ins and outs of soul contracts in the most simple way possible. The topic of soul contracts was always of interest to me and I found it fascinating.

Our soul chooses our parents, our family, our friendships, and relationships. Good and bad, it is our soul’s job to make that decision.

If you are starting to awaken your spirit and on the quest for answers then it is only fair you want to know about this topic. When I started becoming a bit more spiritually inclined a lot of questions started to arise, questions that had to do with past lives, and our role in the universe, to name a few. It became overwhelming. 

Therefore, I have gathered informations for you to understand them easily.

Will it resonate with you though ?

What is a soul contract ?

soul contracts

A soul contract is a deal we have settled before our arrival on Earth.

Yes, before our birth.

In our energetic state aligned with the source, we have planted seeds on our future path of life. Therefore, we have decided on the ways we interact with people surrounding us.

For example, you have made a soul contract with another soul before birth, about helping them financially. Well, once you have found your place in the world and you get in contact with this person, you will develop a need to help them financially.

During those instances, we might not understand the correlation between two, I mean sure, if that person is my friend and they need financial help, then I will help.

In reality, this was an agreement made with both your souls and it has simply manifested on earth.

Soul contracts have a deep meaning and are passed with rewarding ends.

It can touch on difficult and sensitives events but remember, we learn from these lessons. With soul contracts we will not grow and evolve into the powerful beings we were to destined to be. 

1 – Soul contracts : There are no coincidences.

Recall an event or moment, you had planned to stay home, and something just made you go out. You then had a beautiful encounter with someone. This person could now be a friend or a stranger who had an impact in your life, in some way, shape, or form. Maybe you have had a genuine deep connection, or a mind-blowing conversation. 

This was not a coincidence. Your souls agreed to meet on that day and the deal has finally been sealed. 

Same situation if you just got out of a toxic relationship. And you wish you had never met this person. Well, think of the things you’ve learned from him/her, and how much you’ve grown. 

If we avoid/ignore soul contracts, and agreements are not met, our higher self will never free itself from their energetic karma.

2 – Conscious soul contracts

Sometimes, soul contracts are consciously passed. 

“I know we will meet again“. 

Hence why it is important to weight down our words carefully. These soul contracts can really tie us down. Managing to free ourselves from them is a big relief at that point. 

Best book about soul contracts

I recommend checking out ‘Soul contracts – Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance’ by Danielle Mackinnon. It is an easy and insightful read. It also has amazing reviews.

Understanding soul contracts

1 – Reincarnation and Karma

Admittedly, some people go through a lifelong of suffering. 

Why ? 

I myself end up mentioning karma in some instances as a way to say: ‘well, he/she earned this suffering, they have hurt others”.

However, what has a newborn done to deserve a life tied to horrible and abusive parents. Was it karma too ?

Not necessarily.

Before entering Earth in their physical form, their soul has lived many past lives and partake in many events. As a result, a contract has been made for them to reincarnate in a new life and a new body experience. 

In fact, our soul decides that this new experience takes place solely for the purpose of learning a lesson. It could be a lesson of humility, gratitude, or resilience, that suffering only can teach.  

So let me give you an example.

If your soul’s purpose before coming to Earth was to learn about Forgiveness. It is likely to expect a life with plenty of hurdles, and hurtful encounters. There is no need to blame yourself or anyone else for that matter. This was written for you and you are not responsible for it. Understand you have been built to overcome these hurdles that have been placed on your path. 

2 – Integrate the lesson

Does the suffering ever stop ?

Some of us carry old souls. And certain souls have been back many times carrying the same burden. This is because the soul has not embodied the lesson. This soul has been sent back to complete the contract. 

Our soul will be faced with the same difficulties until it is aware of the their purpose on Earth.

Your soul could also be back to help someone else holding the same lesson, so that you can positively evolve and improve your own. 

Some of us will blame Karma, or God, or the lack of spirit guides. Some of us will even think their lives are cursed or end up with depression / other mental heal issues. 

3 – Awareness

Well, I am glad to say we live in a day and age where society is more inclined to its spiritual ascension. We hear more and more about ancient practices of healing. We are more aware and open to Astral readings. This collective worldwide spiritual awakening helps the planet to vibrate on higher frequencies.

Some of us tend to understand our souls and their purpose on Earth. 

This caused people to question and think : 

“Maybe all of these events I am experiencing are here for a reason” . 

“I see these obstacles as opportunities”.

A soul who can manifest the lesson’s awareness will step higher and hopefully free itself to break the contract. 

How do you rewrite or break a soul contract?

soul contracts

1 – Soul contracts’ finishing line

Generally, once the contract is sealed, it dissolves itself. Souls have accomplished a task as planned and it is now on reset mode. However, in cases of conscious soul contracts where the goal is to harm someone, it might be harder to get out of it. 

The first stage is Awareness. Look at your life: are there recurring patterns or repeated cycles? For instance, certain souls proceeded to profess vows of poverty, chastity, or obedience.

These souls reincarnated in other bodies are now prisoners of the contract. 

They are in another life wishing to be in a relationship, to experience financial stability. But they do not succeed. They are stuck. They might try to resolve it for years but with no luck.

Thus, it is interesting to look up past lives. Listen to yourself deeply. Meditate. Journal. Analyze your dreams. Do a chakra work and see if any blockages occur.

If this is the case, you might want to seek professional holistic help ( ie. reiki healer). A professional will help to achieve freedom on a cellular level. We will be freed of 4 memory types ;

  • DNA, while we were in the womb we have felt our mother’s stress, low frequencies, and vibrations around her, physical problems, and illnesses.
  • Emotional, this is linked to our life story, traumatic events (i.e death of a loved one).
  • Trans-generational trauma, memories inherited by our ancestors. Often times, complicated patterns have passed on and repeated from generation to generation. 
  • Karmic, each of our lives has left marks on our cells, positively or negatively. These memories are a lot more complex to understand or find since we are not able to remember them. 

If you find yourself lost in overwhelming questions as to why you are going through difficult events, just remember this : 

Your life mission on earth is to : 

  • Love yourself unconditionally,
  • And spread peace around you.

An obstacle is an opportunity to learn. 

2 – Spirit guides and angels

Indeed, angels and spirit guides can help us break or rewrite our soul contracts. 

Angels navigate in a parallel world and have access to our future. They tend to send us signs to guide us towards a better path. 

However, I understand it can be difficult sometimes to see a sign as a direct message from our guide. I personally pay close attention to double numbers and their angelic meaning.

3 – Law of attraction 

By using the law attraction, we can actively affect our destiny by manifesting into the Universe. 

When going through difficult times, adding conscious thoughts and mantras into our daily lives can send messages to our soul and rewrite a part of the history. 

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You could start with a gratitude journal. Or you could set intentions during the New Moon

Remember, speaking into existence positive aspects of our lives affect us on a cellular level. 

How do you know if you have a soul contract with someone?

1 – The lesson is the outcome

Overall, the way to find out your Soul contract is a tricky business.

In fact, the majority of people we meet do not play a crucial role in our lives. However, some of them leave a powerful impression and affect several aspects of our lives. They even impact our identity to their core, whether it is emotional or rational. Moreover, they end up changing our complete outlook on life. 

I can easily think of a couple of people I have met over the course of my life, who made a great impact on me. Whether I am still in contact with them or not, I can strongly recognize the lessons I’ve learned from them and know our souls were connected before our birth. 

These people enter our lives for a specific reason. A reason that can only be found when the goal (or contract) has reached its finish line. 

There you have it, if you are wondering if that friend you met 2 years has a soul contract with you. Well, you will find out when the reason you are in each other’s lives comes to fruition. Maybe you have to learn empathy, maybe they have to. 

All you can do is love them and be there for them.

2 – Soul contract readings

If you have the urge of finding out the ins and outs of your spiritual path then consulting a psychic intuitive can be an option. 

I have personally never used the services of a psychic for soul contract reading. Although I appreciate guidance.

I like to think some things need to be learned the hard way and cannot be avoided. Actually, events could come back around in a dramatic way, since they have already been written and bound to happen in this life or the next one.

However, if you are interested, soul contracts readings will enlighten you on some on your concerns. 

Generally, a soul reading psychic will require your name and date of birth to access your natal chart. This will help to see your soul destiny. 

It can be done in person or over the phone (or video call).

Beware of con artists and check credentials and reviews before sending any money.

Difference between soul contracts and twin flames

Our twin flame is our twin soul. They often manifest as a form of lover or friend. They have a deep connection with us, almost unexplainable. However, they are our complete opposite. They reflect a part of us that needs healing (e.i they are really confident and social and we are timid and insecure). They are in our lives to help us break our barriers.

Wrapping up

If you have enjoyed this topic and want to dive in deeper then please have a look at the book mentioned above to have a broader understanding of soul contracts. 

I would love to know if and how this has resonated with you. Leave a comment below and let’s start the conversation.

Blessings x

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