Face Your Fears & Start Your Spiritual Business Today [4 steps that actually work]

Marieme B.June 10, 2020

How to Start a Spiritual Business using 4 simple steps?

Firstly, to all of you reading this, I wish you all the divine power, the light, the strength, and the courage to never give up on your dreams or yourself and to start a spiritual business today.

start spiritual business today

If you have been dreaming about merging your passion for spirituality and making it a stream of income but you feel stuck then you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how you can start your very own spiritual business today.

All we see in the media are recipes on “how to make it” and success stories. Don’t get me wrong, I personally love watching inspiring videos on the journey someone has taken to live off their passion/hobby/gift/talent.

It always uplifts and motivates me. But we gotta be realistic here guys, it takes a lot of out some of us to actually take a leap of faith and jump in the sea of unknown, the sea of ‘i am my own boss’. 

My goal is not…

…to tell you how to make a million dollars in 2 months but simply to guide you on how to start your spiritual business following these simple steps.

I have noticed  (and experienced myself) the fear of the launch. The fear of putting your “stuff” out there. I used to come up with silly excuses on why I still have not published my blog.

And after spending hours procrastinating and watching this video for the 5th time, my mental lock released itself. And I started writing and writing and writing some more.

I was finally seeing a change in my mindset and the way I was approaching the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

No more fear.

How you ask ? 4 simple steps. First, find a field, write down a business outline, lower expectations, and then find a mentor.

start spiritual business today

1 How to find your field when starting a spiritual business ?

Your field in the spirituality industry is usually a skill or a talent that family, friends, and strangers keep mentioning you are good at.

My friend Tamara, for example, who is now a Reiki practitioner and life coach has always been told that she carries a really warm and welcoming aura. Strangers will confide in her their deepest secrets and traumas, without her actually asking anything.

So yes try to capitalize on your uniqueness, don’t compare yourself.

You will find your audience.

You will find people who want to hear YOUR opinion, YOUR knowledge, YOUR healing power… and guess what there is no other YOU.

Tamara never thought of being a reiki master before she actually decided to have a session herself. The Reiki master who gave her the session mentioned that she could do it too. 

In a way it was her calling and she had no idea. 

2 Outline how you would like to start your spiritual business with a plan 

Come up with an outline of your business idea. No need to be too corporate here. I have come across a lot of templates and excel forms about management plans and business plans. Really all you need is a notebook and a pen, or a word document on your laptop. 

And just be wild with your ideas.

I mean WILD.

What’s the point of doing that ? to be excited, to remind yourself that creation doesn’t have to be scary, it can be fun and wild (i swear that’s the last time I’m using that word). 

We’re talking about something you’ll be doing for a very long time (potentially). So you might as well be extra right now and remove the fluff later.

3 Lower your limiting beliefs

Don’t you find that some of the most random things we do in life are sometimes the most praised? Why? Because we did not try hard. We just did what we liked. There was no : 

  • expectation, 
  • no goal, 
  • no pressure (hmm that’s a big one)

The more we think about how people will receive something specific, the more it will drop its value. I’m a perfectionist so trust me I know how that works.

It’s draining and it slows us down. I had to learn how to not fear the blank page, how to not re-edit everything I do, and just go with the flow. 

Learning to stop doubting yourself is a big one too.

We all make mistakes, we are all a work in progress and we certainly don’t have world knowledge. I had to understand that my content or what I’m offering will not please everybody and that’s ok. 

In a way, we need to go back to a child’s mindset. Kids don’t act like they carry the world’s weight on their shoulders. They don’t know about the fear of embarrassment or failure yet. They are just present and have no limiting beliefs.

The sky is the limit at this stage. 

Let’s find the confidence kids have when they start to walk, they’re not afraid of the fall. Because they know they will stand right back up. So why are we afraid of failing? Not only it will happen but it is healthy and this is how we learn.

Good things happen when they come from an uncomfortable place.

Don’t be afraid of competition or the lack of representation. 

Don’t be afraid of doing something everybody seems to be doing at the moment.

4 Find a mentor 

Listen, this is something I still find myself struggling with: asking for help. And I’m trying to find the answers somewhere in my childhood. Why is it so difficult for human beings to be vulnerable and say: can you help me?

Find someone you trust. Someone who has walked that path and understand your journey with no judgment. But someone who will not sugar coat it for you.

If you feel you can’t find that, make sure you have the right support system. It’s important to be surrounded by people who uplift you, bring the best out of you, will not be energy vampires, and people who help you remember your power.

Once all of this is done make sure you check in with yourself, do a recap and ask:

  • WHY
  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHO

Why ? Be passionate

Although I believe anyone can succeed in a profitable niche using the right marketing tools and amazing content.

However, in my opinion, this niche (spiritual business), along with personal development and mental health are very personal and intimate.

They rely on trust and knowledge and should be dealt with passion and authenticity. We already know health is a profitable niche, so technically anyone could just jump into the wagon.

But I think it should come from a place of genuinely wanting to help people. 

I also think that regardless of the niche you choose for your business, money should not be the main priority and focus goal. Your service/content might suffer from sounding too salesy. Be personally involved.

Are you offering a service that you benefited yourself in the past?

The universe has your back when you do things from a place of love and authenticity.

It could also be because you want to learn more about your craft and thinking to make a business from it. You don’t necessarily need to be the top expert in your field.

As long as you are willing to learn and share what has worked for you.

What ? Topic and angle 

Are you a holistic healer, a herbalist, a reiki master, a tarot reader, or a meditation and mindfulness host? You want to make sure it is clear for your potential clients or audience, so that you avoid confusion.

Maybe you want to think about what you will specifically be talking about.

What tone will your written content be like? Formal, casual. 

How ? Platform / tools to use

Are you investing in your own website and building it yourself. Do you want to hire a web designer? A Free blog platform or potentially social media only?

How much will you charge for your services or products ? What payment platform are you going to use ?

E-shop or physical shop ?

Do you need the assistance of a solicitor for all legal concerns ?

Think about all of this.

Who ? The audience 

It is crucial to research your audience. Who they are, where to find them, what do they like and what are the problems you can help them solve.

What social media platform is most likely going to match your audience. 


Put in the work

Be consistent with your content or services

Invest in courses 

Ask for help and opinions

How I’ve done it ?

1. A spiritual service

My friend and I started our own spiritual business called Holistic Haven.

Essentially it is a monthly event for men and women which contains empowerment talk circles, meditations, reiki healing, and yoga-like stretches. I like to think it is a mini mindfulness retreat.

Initially, we knew what we wanted was helping people and bring people together in a safe environment. Somewhere they could dig deep into their souls with no judgment. 

Sure, being able to live off your passion is amazing, especially when it has a purpose. But most importantly we wanted to make this affordable without undervaluing our efforts and work.

The feedbacks on our first event were amazing. I guarantee you that a “Thank you I had an amazing time” is worth millions.

The satisfaction of putting up something from scratch and seeing it live makes all the hard work worth it. 

2. A spiritual blog

I started my own spiritual business via blogging. I created this blog Holistically Be using the same 4 steps I have mentioned at the start of this article. 

And this is why I want to share this one tool I used. 

If you are serious about blogging and want to make it a stream of income then you MUST register your own domain name and pay for a hosting platform company.

Your own .com or .org will make you look more professional, credible and secure.

I am using Siteground: there are some cheaper options out there but when I created my 1st blog with Bluehost I had technical issues that took ages, pain, and sweat to get resolved.

That’s when I thought of doing some research and found out Siteground had amazing reviews.

I’ve transferred my content over the two hosting platforms and while I still needed support with this on-going problem, Siteground was extremely efficient, nice, reliable, and knowledgeable

(they also have a 24 hours support team).

I believe this is extremely important as if you want to make it your business you have to secure a trustable platform. If your site goes down you lose all your content and essentially your income maker.

There are thousands of videos on how to create an account, but here’s one for you.

To conclude with my last words of advice on how to start a spiritual business

Remove limiting beliefs.

Remove the monetary aspect = think about helping others first.

Set the intention for every single step you take.

Be ok with failing, with a setback, with fear. Truth is, it will happen whether you strongly decide to block it or not. Especially when it is something that nobody in your family or social circle has ever done. 

For example, there are very few entrepreneurs in my family so for me to ever imagine being one,  was already a big step to climb. 


Blessings x

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